Why Online Poker is Drawing People by the Dozens during Lockdown?


With more time than ever being spent at home, online gaming has reached newer heights and broke previous records in user engagement and traffic in most parts of the globe. India is not far behind as one can see the domestic online poker circuit expanding like never before during the pandemic era. New players are circling the felts to test the waters and learn this skill game for many great reasons.

While veterans are busy collecting the big bucks during this lockdown, the influx of new players in such a short span of time is unprecedented. The reason being online poker is one of those few skill games on the gaming verse that yields much higher returns compared to regular stress busting games. 

So, perhaps it is indeed the right time to enter this high yielding gaming zone of online poker and open yourself to new level of competition and master some crucial skills while you got the time. Besides earning real money, there are a few lessons playing poker online can teach you during this pandemic that most people wouldn’t tell you. Let’s find out.

How Online Poker is much more than Just a Real Money Game?

As the pandemic latches on to our lives with no immediate relief in sight, the online gaming industry is busy coagulating our lives by not just offering respite but helping us work our brains towards developing some novel set of skills that can impact our daily course of lives and uplift our mental wellbeing during the lockdown.

Here are some valuable reasons for you to play this fascinating skill game today.

  1. Online Poker Makes you Smarter

Poker is a challenging skill game that requires expertise on some core skills such as Mathematics, Reverse Psychology, Logical Reasoning, Strategic Analysis and sometimes, intuition. Besides this, in order to play enviable poker, you need to use various poker tools and study game theory to deepen your knowledge on the game. 

These skills help you evaluate your moves, the level of competition, observe and analyze your opponents and make instant decisions. These are important poker lessons that can be applied in various walks of life that in turn can be used to make smart and informed decisions in the long run.

  1. It’s all about the adventure

When you play online poker for real money, you are bound to experience both good days and bad days in your games. A game of poker is a roller coaster experience that can teach you to handle pressure and apply more patience to enjoy high returns in future. 

The level of emotional rush is extreme especially in online poker real money games that often makes you go on tilt if you are not experienced enough. The key is to have fun while learning and getting better bit by bit with each game.

  1. Balanced Emotions

A key factor that plays a major role in winning in online poker real money games is being in control of your emotions at all times and let your mind take control. The truth is, just like in real life, you don’t get to choose the cards you are being dealt and there might be times when the game might completely reverse by the time you reach the turn or river. This is where the famous saying comes into play, online poker is more of a mind sport where you play the player and not the cards. 

This means as long as you keep your emotions in check and track your opponent’s moves diligently, you can outsmart him/her by tricking him to believe you have a better hand and turn the tables in your favour. Your true poker skills are revealed in situations like these. 

  1. Improved focus and a Healthy mind

A supreme quality that makes a successful poker player is having full blown attention during the game. You need to figure out not just your own game strategy but also understand the pattern of your opponents. In online poker games, tells are non-existent which means you solely need to rely on their moves. Such higher level of focus can only come from a mind that’s in peace.

On days when you are on a losing spree in poker and afraid you might go on tilt, a wiser move would be to fold and exit the game immediately. Take a break for as long as you need and hit the tables with a fresh mind. Poker players often practice meditation or listen to classical music to elevate themselves to the zen mode. Doing so before playing a big online poker tournament shall bear great fruits for you. 

So, are you ready to play poker online and start winning real money?

We have brought a great mix of online poker tournaments for stellar stakes so no matter which stage of the game you are at, you have some excellent opportunities to test your skills during the lockdown.

A trending online poker portal in India, PokerBaazi (PB) has been heating up the felts of their online poker room with some value churning poker tournaments of varied stakes. Some of them worth mentioning are highlighted below.

Online Poker tournaments by PokerBaazi to jumpstart your poker run

  1. Daily 75K GTD

A Daily treat on the felts of PokerBaazi, this one rolls in six days of the week at 8:30 prime time. Enticing prize pools and unbelievable buy-ins that start as low as INR 100, this one is worth your time if you have just begun your online poker run for real money not too long ago. Plus, it features a re-entry option that lets you replay the tourney if you get eliminated. 

  1. PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series (PMVS)

PMVS is a monthly classic that lets you compete in a monthly tournament for guarantees that fly up to a monster amount of 2.2 Crore+ and you can play them for incredible buy-ins as low as INR 500! It goes live from 13th-17th May on the PB app with 5 value-driven tournaments running each day. So, work on your game right away if you plan to max your buy-ins up to 1000x times!

The lockdown is offering players the much needed time to build one’s game strategy, remove any leaks in order to move up the ladder of competition in skill games that not just let you boost your earnings but also work on your life skills. 

Stay safe, stay motivated and play poker!

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