Top 10 Digital Payment apps


We live in a fast and growing world where technology is everything. Technology made our life easy and powerful. Technology made it possible that we don’t have to carry cash everywhere. We can now  transfer money virtually and it’s all because of technology, but there are several digital payment apps. It is always a confusion which app should be used because in case of money we don’t want to take risk. So in this post I bring top 10 Digital Payment apps which are secured and useful. So let’s start without wasting your valuable time. 

1. Paypal

Paypal is an american company which operates worldwide. It is a financial company  which serves as an online payment app for the vendors, people and many other commercial users. In paypal you have to simply add your card details like credit card or debit card or you have to add your bank account. It is free to transfer money using paypal between your friends circle or to anyone unless you have to convert currency to another currency to  transfer. Paypal is also associated with eBay. It is one of the most secure and greatest digital payment apps. The merit of using this app is it is widely accepted.

 2. Venmo

Venmo is also a digital payment available for iphones and android users. It was founded in 2009 as a text message based payment app. In 2012 

Company integrated with several social networks and gained popularity. It is now widely accepted in the world and currently holding approximately two million online users. One of the biggest disadvantages of the app is it charges 3% fees when the transaction is placed through venmo balance, A bank account, A debit card. 

3. Square Cash

Square cash is also a digital payment app which allows you to transfer money between the users. Square cash also works the same as Venmo but it doesn’t allow you to use social media like Venmo. It also has wallet features like Paypal. The greatest advantage of this app is that it provides you the facility to buy and sell bitcoin through this app. It is also widely accepted.

4. Zelle 

Zelle is the online digital payment app which allows you to send and receive money if you also have a participating bank account. It is free to transfer money using this app. You can only connect to one bank using this app so be careful in choosing your primary bank account. 

5. Google Pay 

Google Pay is also a digital payment app owned by google company. Google pay is a great app where you can send money using gmail also. It is a secure digital payment app. There are no current fees or charges to use the google pay app. 

6. Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is a digital payment app which allows users to make payments, in an iOs service.  There are no fees if you use an Apple Pay wallet or debit card, But if you use a credit card there’s a 3% transaction fee. It is widely accepted and easy to set up.

7. Paytm 

Paytm is a secure digital payment app which is widely accepted in India. It is one of the greatest apps in India. It was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma In august 2010 and became popular after the demonetisation. Paytm launched its paytm payments bank in 2017. It also provides  you features of movie ticket booking, Flight tickets booking and many others. It comes with great customer service. One of the biggest advantage of using this app is It is totally free and there is no charge in transferring money from wallet to wallet and Bank to Bank.

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8. Xoom 

Xoom is also a Paypal app working in 66 countries. By using xoom you can send money to someone’s bank account. The account works on newer Apple and android devices. It is not a free app. Xoom fees depend on how much you are transferring and what currency are you using. It does not support in online store or online purchases.

9. Zelle

Zelle is also a digital payment app created by the banking industry. It requires you to have U.S account in order to access it. It charges no fees for sending and receiving money. It does not support international transactions. It cannot be used in stores and online payments app.

10. Circle Pay

Circle play is a free app that allows his users to send or receive money between currencies,countries and friends. There is no charge for making transactions Users can access this app by using Facebook or email. Users can send money to 29 countries and it don’t charge fees for international transactions.The disadvantage of using this app is it does not support online and store transactions.

So here are the top 10 digital payment apps which are useful and secure. You can choose the best app according to you. Personally I like to use PayPal and Paytm. If you like other digital payment apps let us know in the comments. If you like the post please share it with your friends. Thank you.

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