Today’s Canvas Prints – Giclee Reproduction gives a Stunning Final Result


While artists have been doing this for a long time, canvas prints are now available in a much different light than they once were. At one time, each type of copy had to have an individual stone template, and the process was one that didn’t produce the best quality results.

At best, they were recognizable images. Today, there is a process that has been honed and fine-tuned over the years called giclee. This is used to describe the process of reproducing an image onto a variety of types of materials using ink jets, and of course, those materials include canvas prints.

This type of giclee reproduction gives a stunning final result. The picture or image is crisp and clear and definitely is much more authentic looking than any other type of photocopying method.

It can be one copy or a multitude of copies. This is achieved through the use of about a dozen different types of colored ink jet inks that blend together to produce everything from paintings to photographs. The result is high quality and beautiful canvas prints.

There is also a lot of versatility available to the person who is purchasing the final product. It can be framed in a large range of frames, or it can be a gallery wrapped.

This means that the portrait is stretched across the frame to cover all sides of the frame. This is often a desired look, and it is common to see it displayed this way many times in art galleries, homes, some museums, offices, buildings, and board rooms. This is a highly sophisticated way to present art on canvas prints.

This type of material is very popular among artists because it will hold a lot of paint without the risk of it causing the material to sag or become over saturated like one may sometimes find in lesser quality products such as paper or composite boards.

The same is true with the reasons why printers choose it as well. The most popular type of this material is duck cotton.

This is a firmly woven material that holds color well, especially acrylics and oil based colors. This type of material also makes it easier to add texture to the painting which is a plus for the artist and the printer as well.

Canvas prints are very durable as well. They tend to withstand more abuse than paper will take and don’t rip or tear as easily as other materials. They are also longer lasting which promotes being able to preserve the work.

This material is also less likely to fade as far as prints are concerned and allow the paint to chip off of paintings. This type of painting or copy is also easy to store away simply by wiping the surface gently with fabric gloves and then wrapping the piece in plastic to maintain its integrity in a temperature controlled climate such as air conditioning in the summer and heated in the winter. This helps to control the humidity of the room which can erode paints or inks.

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