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How To Use a Rice Cooker The Right Way? 3 Tips

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Wondering of ways to put your rice cooker to better use? Well, we are here to help you with the same. This article will talk about 3 important tips to make sure that you are making the best use of it.

It’s a known fact that a rice cooker is a great aid to your culinary skills. However, there are some unknown tips about your best rice cooker that will make your cooking much more efficient. In this article, we tell you some amazing tips that will allow optimum utilization of your cooker.

If you are a potential buyer of this product still introspecting why rice cooker is important, let us convince you first. In times like these, when you don’t have a single minute to spare on yourself, this amazing cooker can be your BFF. While you rush to get ready for your important office meeting, this brilliant machine will prepare a healthy meal for you. It is a device made to simplify cooking. It is easy to operate as well. Simply read the rice cooker instructions and you are good to go.

A Rice Cooker doesn’t just cook the rice!

A rice cooker can cook everything. Almost. Along with all kinds of rice, there are a few dishes that you can make in your rice cooker with stainless steel pot. Here are a few examples of the dishes that can be made:

●     Porridge: Add the grains of your choice with milk or water, and put some nice spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Add sugar as per your taste.

●     Vegetable-Tofu Medley: This is the nicest dish you can make with your rice cooker. Wholesome and delicious.

●     Egg Frittata: If you want some creativity with eggs, try the frittata recipe. Eggs, veggies and rice are known for making a nice combination.

●     And desserts (many kinds): There are not only one or two dessert recipes that you can make, but there are also many. Banana bread, pudding, cakes and what not?

Making these yummy dishes in your cooker will be a very cool and creative idea. You just have to put the ingredients in the right proportions and wait for the delicious meal to get ready. It will be a fun and hassle-free experience of cooking, which you will enjoy for sure.

Get the Right Fluff with this Trick

Nobody likes rice that’s not fluffy. So here is a trick to make your rice fluffier. Allow the cooked rice to sit undisturbed for 10 mins. Make sure that the lid is on. This way the unabsorbed water will be gently used by the rice without overcooking. The rice will cool down and it will firm up a little bit.

Once done, use the rice paddle to fluff the rice. Make sure it’s done in layers. Also, if you are using a non-stick cooker, you must use a plastic or a wooden paddle. Using metal utensils will scratch the surface.

Soak Before You Get Cooking

Contrary to the popular belief, a rice cooker never dismisses the need to rinse or soak your rice. The soaking job still remains the same. Run the rice under clean water to make sure it’s well soaked and good to cook. No matter if your rice cooker, small or big, soaking is important. As the normal process, it’s best to soak for 30 minutes before you cook.

Author’s bio: Richard Browny is a culinary specialist with an experience of 22 years. After retirement, he put his experience to use by sharing them with other cooking enthusiasts. He is renowned for helping people with his cooking tips and tricks. And also his low-calorie dessert recipes.

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