Best Phones For Gaming 2020: Top Performing Smartphones


Playing games especially interactive games is one of the top hobbies and leisure time activities of nearly everyone and as the world is progressing, you have multiple options for everything. In this regard, for gaming purposes, you do not just need a PlayStation or Xbox to fulfill your need. Many of the mobile app development companies are realizing the need for time and are developing cool new and interactive games for both the Android and iOS users. Moreover, let’s just admit that how fond and even addictive we were all for playing the good old Nokia phone’s snake game. Now we are just way ahead of it.

There is already a long list of popular mobile games many of which are just the casual ones like Candy Crush and Angry Birds but all thanks to Unity who is now offering for the gaming fans superb cross-platform support for the developers to develop sparking games which were initially being developed to PCs and consoles and now to iOS and Android phones. Along with this, a lot of game streaming services have been emerging such as the Microsoft Project xCloud and Google’s Stadia which indicates that it is high time that you make sure that your next phone is fully capable of keeping up with the advances if you are a true gamer.

When we talk about which phone is best for a great gaming experience, top of the line attraction is the massive power capacity in certain mobile devices which makes a perfect gaming device and that is why we are seeing an emerging development of Android and iOS games. But power is not everything to do the job well and it’s just a small part of the gaming experience. Most phones are now being created thoroughly to deliver a full gaming experience.

The ideal gaming does not just have more power capability but also has comprehensive modes of gaming, high rates of refreshes, and much more. With this being said, many of the great gaming phones are not the sole ‘gaming phones’. The best phones are an all-rounder which is specialized to do everything inclusive of the gaming.

There are thousands of options in the market but if you’re looking to choose a mobile phone to fulfill your gaming need, the choice depends on your budget, the preference of operating system, and everything else you want for a great gaming experience.

Let’s take a round at the list of top mobile phones best for gaming:

  1. iPhone 11 Pro/ iPhone 11 Pro Max:

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are one of the best, better and bigger ones from all of Apple’s flagship phones to date in many keyways and if you are looking for the gaming purpose then this is surely your go-to.

With a 6.5 inch display, iPhone 11 Pro Max is sure to serve you with visually amazing gaming experience alongside its larger battery, it is meant to manage itself to work for a longer period of hours. 

The iPhone 11 pro has 3,969 mAH/ 3.046 mAH of battery, 64/256/512 GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM, all ideal for start gaming. In a test, it is found that this phone can load up PUBG and Clash Royale faster than any device or model it means that the phone delivers great speed.

The price is a bit too high but the experience is remarkable.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20 plus

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is a fine mobile device and the market is surrounded by a huge buzz in the Galaxy series and the overall high profile flagship range of Android around the world.

It is not just the name that has all the hype, among the Samsung and its range of mobile phones, it is one of the genius devices for gaming. With this phone, you can either get a Snapdragon 865 chipset if you are living in the USA or the Exynos 990 to be used in most other pages.

This amazing phone gives you 8GB of RAM to make sure that your phones do not run low, both of the models also have a QHD + screen which comes along with a rate of the refresh of up to 120Hz. The phone also has a great battery of 4,000 mAH or 4,500 mAH to start the game with.

  1. OnePlus 8 Pro

This phone is charged up with all of the power essentials which you need for great gaming experience and also an amazing screen to help the in-app game features to look and perform at their best.

This phone also supports the 5G to make things even more speedy and with zero lags. One of the best features in this phone is that it is combined with exceptional power and screen for ultimate gaming experience and the charging is even fast so you won’t miss out on the gaming for long.

The phone features a top-notch chipset of Snapdragon 865 inside the phone, has a RAM of up to 12GB, a screen of 6.78 inches for the sharper and smooth gaming experience.

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