Best and cheap home remedies to boost your immune system


Just like the cars, your body also runs on fuel. The difference is that both of the fuels are different, the one which burn in your car’s engine is some kind of crude oil and which digest in your body is food. Quality always wins over quantity; we try to feed ourselves the best so we could retain the energy and that would help us keep our immune system healthy and strong.

A good health is a sign of a strong immune system. It could help you keep away from the diseases like heart disease, liver disease, hepatitis and unintentional injuries. You may find hundreds of products out there in the market that are super-efficient to boost your immune system but also, they are so expensive and goes out of your budget.

You can use the home remedies to boost your immune system that will cost you so cheap and you can have them anytime you want. Read further to know about the best and cheap home remedies that will help you boost your immune system.

1) Get Comfort Sleep

Other than eating healthy foods it is necessary for you to have a good quality time sleep. When you sleep every part of your body rest except the heart because it cannot stop its breath-taking function. The more you sleep the more your immune system will become stronger.

The sleep at night is somehow supreme for the immune system as compared to day, because you sleep with more comfort at night as you are awakened for the whole day.

2) Eat Raw Veggies

There are many vegetables and fruits that you can eat them in raw form. Onions, cucumber and carrot can be easily digest in their raw forms. When you cook the vegetables half of their nutrition and proteins are waved off. So that’s why you should try to consume more raw veggies so you could have the full amount of nutrition and fiber.

3) Green Tea

Green Tea or lemon tea, the work of both of the tea are same the difference lies only in the taste. You should have a cup of green tea every night before going to bed. The green tea helps esophagus to stay clear otherwise it could lead to certain pain in your throat.

You can grow a plant of lemon tea easily at your home. Just buy it one time and you just have to water it daily. Use the leaves of lemon grass as a tea and believe me it tastes so adorable.

4) Craving Foods

Put olives and mushrooms on your list of daily cravings. Whenever you feel the need to eat something just have 1 or 2 olives or mushrooms in your mouth. As they taste sour and are cold in nature and they help you boost your immune system.

 5) Avoid Junk Food

Go for the healthy food over junk food. Junk food contains many calories and reduces the level of minerals and vitamins in your body which are harmful for your immune system. They are like a load on your immune system, which causes sickness and other diseases.

6) Spice-up your life

Add some spice to your life by adding some garlic and chilies to your food. If you are one of those who likes to eat spice less food than you should probably start using them in your foods. The spicy things help the immune system to make itself strong and prepare for any up coming food that you haven’t tasted before.

7) Say NO to Gym

Gym is not always the solution for making oneself strong. You can have a better work-out at home without taking the help of anyone. You may find hundred of ways on the internet to do work-out without taking the help of anyone. You can search on YouTube and do exercise by watching the daily tutorials.

In a Nutshell

Boosting your immune system is a very kind task. If you think that you have become old and you can’t fight for boosting your immune system anymore than you are wrong. It’s okay if you can’t do workout, you can’t spice up your lives, but you can also use some supplements (made from natural herbals) they will help you boost your immune system just like your home remedies does.

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