7 Best Date Night Ideas During Coronavirus Lockdown


Coronavirus outbreak is the issue that affects every one of us. Someone has started to play the violin and do yoga. Some of us forgot how it is – to talk to people face to face. Extroverts are in a panic. Introverts are waiting for the minute when they can stay at home just because they want. Numbers on the scale are growing as fast as the wage of nutritionists. 

However, the ones who got locked down with their loved ones have it the most… weird? 

On one hand, you are not alone and they are your favorite people after all. While working, meeting friends, traveling, visiting the gym, and having all the distractions in the world, there is so little time left for our significant others. Quarantine is a perfect opportunity to share more mornings together and to find out who is exactly the person you are living with. 

On the other hand, the whole concept is scary. Looking at the divorce statistics in China after the lockdown, there is no surprise we are afraid of the social distancing. It may seem like you are suffocating each other by spending all your time together. Personal space feels non-existent. It turns out that she can not stop talking. It turns out that he is so messy that you just want to call his mom and ask if she ever told him that socks are not supposed to be on the dining table. One little thing leads to a huge fight. 

The reason behind the situation is that your passion and romance are somehow disappearing or that you are tired of the same routine every day. Yes, to binge-watch The Office two days in a row seems like a great idea. But what will you do on day four or ten? No matter how funny the show is, it can not keep you entertained for a long period of time.

There are little tools left to help while you are both stuck in one location. It does not mean that the mission of saving your relationship is impossible though. Dates are a great idea to make things spicy and intriguing again. 

How do you go on a date that you literally can not go out? While all the restaurants, coffee shops, and cinemas are closed, it is very unlikely that you will be able to organize a traditional date. Yet, quarantine made us rethink the traditional and dive into new lifestyles and new relationships. 

With just a little creativity and this article as your guide, you will find 7 best date night ideas during coronavirus lockdown that your significant other will never forget!

#1 Host a Fancy Dinner

Let’s be honest – everyone lacks eating out. The idea of having a fancy and delicious meal is relaxing and mouthwatering. Dinner in the restaurant is a perfect way to get away from the stress of the week and have an amazing chat with your loved ones. 

Quarantine does not mean that fancy dinners are over. It has just moved to your house!

You can order food from the delivery or be the one to show off your cooking skills (get to know where the salt and pepper in your kitchen are) to serve it. Do not forget to get a nice tablecloth, fancy plates and glasses. It will definitely add up to the atmosphere of normal dinner and actually, eating from nice dishes is a perfect way to treat yourself, flirt and boost up the mood. Cocktail, mocktail, or fresh juice is a must!

What about clothes? Well, since we are trying to organize a proper dinner in the restaurant here, pants are required. Otherwise, it will feel like every other dinner you have. 

#2 Travel from Home

Why does work from home exist, and traveling from home does not?

Actually, it does. Have you had the bucket list with all the places you want to visit “one day”? One day has finally come! You can take a virtual tour to a museum, a gallery, or other attractions. 

Paris is famous for being a city of romance. Why don`t you take a virtual tour there? Take a walk through the narrow streets, get your breath taken away by Louvre, wander around Disneyland, and drink champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower! 

#3 Have a Picnic

We all miss picnics like crazy. Especially when you sit by the window and see flowers blooming and wind hugging the lush greenery of the trees. It should be so stunning somewhere in the park or near the river right now. 

We have good news for you – a picnic can take place at home too! Do you have a balcony or a backyard? The picnic is almost there – just prepare your favorite sandwiches, put freshly cut fruits in the basket, and grab a bottle of wine. A blanket is a must!

For those of us who are surrounded by four walls of the apartment – it is too soon to get sad. It is true that you will have to put more effort into it but we are sure, you can totally pull it off! A little instruction follows:

  • get a big blanket (obviously)
  • grab cushions (the floor is not really soft)
  • greenery! (it is time for your succulents and other potted plants to shine)
  • sounds (ASMR of singing birds or windy day in the forest add a little something into it)

In just four steps you can create a perfect indoor picnic. Moreover, insects and whining kids around are excluded!

#4  Time to Get Sexy

It is time to be honest again – we did let ourselves go a little bit (or a lot). Do you remember the last time you shaved? Have you been a dirty girl (like wearing your pajamas a week in a row)? When was the last time you brushed your hair?

This night is the night. Get pretty, grab your sexiest lingerie out of the shelf and wear makeup if you did it before the quarantine. Shave and use your favorite cologne. Make it feel special!

#5 Bar in the House

Do you miss Margaritas and the opportunity to dress up? You are lucky to have a person to organize a bar (which is your apartment) crawl! Once again, get yourself together for each other and experience what it is like to be a bartender. You can improvise and mix up everything you have got at home. However, maybe doing small research beforehand can save you from a fierce hungover in the morning. 

The most exciting part is that you can get as fancy as you want. Have you never worn that dress since prom? Yep, that is a way to go. Is there a dress that is too short to consider it “respectable” or were you just too shy to wear that? Your man will definitely enjoy it!

#6 Movie Night  

No, just Netflix and chill is not enough. Since we are trying to get that spark, we need you to make everything as romantic as possible, do not be afraid to get a little bit cheesy. So find candles, cook some popcorn and prepare other traditional snacks. 

You can get a better movie experience than in the movie even. Still, it requires more commitment on your side. So the genius idea is – make it themed. What are you watching? Prepare decorations and scary and disgusting looking food (the more ketchup, strawberry jam, or warms – the better). Is it a foreign movie? Look up local food and get decorations in the color of the country’s flag. 

#7 Go to a Concert

Bands and single artists are kind (or bored) enough to share their music on social media platforms. They perform on Instagram live, play their music on YouTube, or stream it elsewhere. Why don’t use this opportunity to take a look at it? You can sing your heart out together with your significant other! It would be just perfect if the artist reminds you about the intimate moments you shared together.

As you see, a coronavirus lockdown is not such a dreadful time for your relationship. It required efforts on your side even before the lockdown. Moreover, do not forget that dates are fun for both of you! Your date will definitely come up with an activity to entertain you with after you have made the first move.


Lillian O’Brien is a passionate journalist who enjoys writing about psychology and human relationships. Over the course of her career, she was a regular contributor to major media publications, and currently, she serves as an editor for onlinechatdatingsites.com.

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